The central theme is "Managing New Networked Worlds". IM 2005 will present the latest technical advances in the area of integrated management, operations and control of networks, networking services, networked applications, and distributed systems. IM 2005 will serve as the primary forum for technical exchange for the research, standards, vendor and user communities in the network management field. We are witnessing the dawn of a new era in networking. New networked worlds emerge in which networking becomes increasingly ubiquitous and blends in seamlessly with business functions, applications, and the supported environment. These new worlds are no longer only characterized by the increasing heterogeneity and number of devices that are involved, but also by properties such as service and network convergence, context awareness (e.g. application, location, user identity), greatly accelerated service lifecycles (for example, service creation on demand), virtualization of resources that blur conventional boundaries between the very things that need to be managed, massive P2P infrastructures, unprecedented security challenges, ubiquity of high speed Internet access and networking to the home, and much more. All of this brings about new challenges and opportunities to network management and to the way in which it is approached, requiring management technology to evolve as rapidly as the new networked worlds that it is to manage. 

IM 2005 will be organized into technical sessions, panels, and tutorials. In addition, it will feature an industrial experience track to share practical lessons learned by the user and vendor communities, posters, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and vendor exhibits (through association with Telemanagement World).

Who Should Attend?

Manager- Research & Development, Chief Engineering, Chief Scientific, Design/Development Engineering
Engineer- Research & Development, Design/Development, Software, Computer Scientist/Engineer, Member of Tech Staff (MTS)
Director- Engineering, Research & Development, Design/Development Engineering
Vice President- Research & Development, Design Engineering










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